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Human Data from preclinical stages


The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) is a complex interface between blood and brain protecting this one by many mechanisms. Highly specific in Human, it is the major entrave to the development of new molecules.

PBPK modelisation

The Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model is an essential tool to predict drug exposure. It incorporates physiological but also drug-specific parameters.


Human Tissue

Human brain tissue possess characteristics and functionalities unique to Human and unique to each individual: specificity, composition, content of proteins, lipids,...


Our Services

All our in vitro models are exclusively based on fresh Human brain cells and tissues, to get closer to the reality.

Brain Exposure Prediction

We can predict your molecule concentration in the human brain parenchyma from preclinical stages data.

 Drug Development

By our pharmacological and toxicological tools, we support you in better apprehending in vivo and clinical phases.