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BrainPlotting was created in 2013.

The founder, Dr Nicolas Perrière has done extensive research and development of primary BBB models for several years in academic and private research laboratories. Also, he has worked many years with an immortalized human BBB model, the hCMEC/D3®.

Because we think primary Human cells are the key to real clinical predictions, BrainPlotting was created to propose premium services with fresh Human models for brain PK, toxicological testing and pharmacological testing.

The core business of BrainPlotting is the study of pharmacokinetics (PK) in the Human brain. The molecules that BrainPlotting studies can have CNS targets as well as peripheral targets.

To that end, BrainPlotting has partnered with an engaged network of French Key Opinion Leaders in neurosurgery as well as with patient associations. BrainPlotting accesses several pathological and healthy Human brain tissues to perform predictions as close as possible to real life.

BrainPlotting keeps innovating and developing its portfolio to fit your demand.

Our partners

StarQuest Capital is our first long-term partner: Founded in 2008, Starquest is an investment fund (ISF TEPA) acting in companies with high technological content’s equity, in the range 200 k€-1 500 K€. With 80M€ assets under management, the fund supports and follows up 95 entrepreneurs in the development of their companies. In just a couple of years, Starquest has become the second player on his market segment in France, with more than 30 deals completed per year. Starquest defines itself as “the entrepreneurs in equity” and its aim is to help entrepreneurs speed up their growth by bringing a high level of added value beyond financial support. For more information:

BPI : The Banque Publique d'Investissement (BPI) - Public Investment Bank, or Bpifrance, is a French organization whose mission is to support companies. Created in December 2012, it brings together several entities: FSI (Strategic Investment Fund), FSI Régions, Oséo (an SME support company) and CDC Entreprises (Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations). The BPI has three objectives: to support companies’ growth, to prepare their future competitiveness and to develop a favorable ecosystem to also a supporter of our research.

ICM : The Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière – ICM (Brain & Spine Institute) – is an international brain and spinal cord research center. The ICM brings patients, doctors and researchers together with the aim of rapidly developing treatments for nervous system disorders. With this innovative concept and structure the ICM is the only institute of its kind in the world.

We also partner with several research teams of excellence.