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At BrainPlotting, we offer the best tools to deliver the finest predictions.
Our tools and technologies result from more than 15 years of research and development conducted with several academics as well as private companies. BrainPlotting excels in brain Human cell cultures for more than 5 years now.

We keep developing and characterizing new models, in our lab and in collaboration with academic laboratories of excellence.

Specifically for our BBB model, we obtain 100% pure brain endothelial cells, with a spindle shape phenotype characteristic of brain endothelial cells, cells in a monolayer, expression of tight junctions protein conferring a remarkable impermeability to hydrophilic compounds, expression of functional transporter proteins – efflux as well as influx transporters at physiological rate.

Examples of partnerships

1. With the team of Dr Cisternino and Pr Declèves, at Paris Descartes University, we have characterized specific transporters on the Human blood brain barrier. Already described in other species, their presence and functionality on the Human blood brain barrier, had not yet been confirmed. We characterized our cells with transcriptomic and proteomic approaches as well as functional tests.

2. With the team of Dr Bourdoulous at the Cochin Institute, Paris, we study the mechanisms of infection by N. meningitidis, a pathogen known to specifically infect Human.